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2023-24 Fantasy Football

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Entry Fee/Sign Up
  • $110 entry fee.  Click HERE to signup.
  • If you sign up but the leagues are full, your money will be refunded.
  • Signup is based on when your money is received
League Structure
  • 12 team league. All members must belong to the RCMC
  • Max allowable players of either 12, 24 or 36 (depending on signups) creating up to three separate leagues   (League A, League B, League C)
  • Future seasons will see the bottom two teams in League A relegated down to League B and the top 2 teams in League B will move up to League A … with a similar structure if there is a League C
  • 16 players on roster and starters consisting of  1QB 2RB 2WR 1TE 1FLEX 1K 1Def
  • Lineups lock 5 minutes before gametime for each player
  • Add/drops are done via waivers each week - runs every day Tue - Sat
  • Dropped players stay on waivers for at least 1 day
  • Players on waivers lock 5 minutes before the earlier of their team's game or the first game on Sunday (excluding London)
  • Trades must be approved by the commissioner
    • To clarify how I view trades when I'm commissioner, I'll approve trades that are willfully entered into by both sides and do not seem like collusion. I will not make a decision based on whether it's a good trade or bad trade for each side, as that's their own decision to make. If someone can successfully get a good deal for their team, they should benefit from that. I will not put trades out to a vote. If I'm involved in the trade, I'll know if it's willfully entered into by both sides. I will approve / deny trades no later than one day of being agreed to, but often will do it within hours
  • Trade deadline will be set by the site each season
Click HERE to view scoring system
Playoff Seeding / Format 
  • Teams with top 4 records qualify for playoffs and play head to head
  • #1 seed plays #4 seed. #2 seed plays #3 seed. Winners play in the championship. 
  • First Round is week 15. Championship is week 16
Relegation / Playoffs 
  • If there is enough interest for additional leagues, the lowest seeded team will automatically be relegated to League B
  • 4 lowest seeded teams that don't qualify for playoffs (and are not the 12th seed) go to the consolation bracket and play head to head
  • #8 seed plays #11 seed. #9 seed plays #10 seed. The losers of those two games play in the "Toilet Bowl", with the loser of that game also being relegated
  • First Round is week 15. Next round is week 16. 
  • There will be a similar relationship between League B and League C assuming we have enough players
  • Standings & Division Winner: Winning percentage, Total Points, Head to Head Record
  • Playoff Matchup: Team with more Total Yards from starters
  • TBD
Draft Order 
  • Standard snake draft order drawn at random prior to the yearly draft
  • There are currently 12 teams in the league, all of which are part of the RCMC
  • An owner may choose to leave after a season
  • If a replacement owner is needed, it will be someone from one of the lower leagues or someone from the RCMC waiting list
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