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How It All Began

Two years following our school rebuild in 2016, our sports and activity fields behind the school were deemed unsafe. The grass was dead, leaving only dirt and hardpan in most areas. Additionally, construction debris from the initial rebuild had crept up to the surface after being buried in the field areas, including exposed pieces of rebar, metal plates, concrete, and other miscellaneous construction materials.

The Rummel Creek Men’s Club (RCMC) was formed to raise money to completely overhaul the fields, including the removal of the debris and hardpan and the installation of a new drainage and irrigation system. The RCMC raised over $100K for the improvements and continues maintenance through sponsors and fundraising to this day. Check out our field repair photo album here.

The RCMC Mission


Understanding the importance of a strong and healthy community, the RCMC is committed to providing opportunities for children to succeed in school and later become productive members of society. We are dedicated to working with local schools to enhance the quality of education and facilities that serve our area’s youth.

Youth Outreach

According to Spring Branch ISD, 58% of the over 33,000 students in the school district are considered “economically disadvantaged” and 52% are considered “at risk of not graduating high school.” In addition, low-income children have less access to books, computers, and other resources for learning. One of our goals at RCMC is to help overcome these limitations and improve education in our school district.

Neighbors in Need

Many times, members of our community are faced with challenges that create stressful and traumatic disruptions to their normal daily lives. Through our efforts and resources, we are able to help families or individuals with either financial assistance for much-needed services or by enlisting the support of volunteers to help with household tasks or special projects.​​


The Rummel Creek Men’s Club is funded through a combination of membership dues, event sponsors, and donations. As a non-profit, we raise this money to allow us to make short and long-term investments in our local community. These investments align with our mission of education, youth outreach, and neighbors in need within the Rummel Creek boundaries.

Rummel Creek Boundaries

Rummel Creek Boundaries
Our Mission
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