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When the Rummel Creek Men's Clubs was initially set up in 2018, its initial fundraising mission was to develop and maintain the fields at the newly built Rummel Creek School.  The ongoing maintenance and running costs of the fields are about $40,000 per year.  Neither the initial cost nor yearly running costs are covered in the school district budget and we rely on the generosity of the local community to support this mission. 


The fields have been a great success, providing invaluable playing areas during recess and access to local fields for sports practices.  The soccer field has, however, become a victim of its own success.  With the amount of playing activity, during school time and after, it has suffered significant wear and tear. This has become increasingly challenging to manage from both a cost and functional perspective requiring the fields to be shut down after excessive rain and annual resodding. 


As a result, the Rummel Creek Men’s Club is launching a campaign to turn the existing soccer field into a multi-sport turf field which would lead to reduced maintenance costs and a far more enjoyable, uninterrupted, playing experience for the kids to enjoy. We have a competitive quote to install a new multi-sport turf field with lights (if approved), allowing for extended playing times during the winter months.  The overall costs of the projects are estimated at $100,000. 


As many of you know, we recently suffered a great loss in our community.  Anne-Marie Yankowsky was a dedicated mother, who loved cheering on her boys from the sideline.  With her family’s blessing, we are honored to dedicate this new field to her and her family. 


We are reaching out to the community and asking for donations big and small.  All donations routed through the Rummel Creek Men’s Club a 501(c)3 non-profit organization are eligible for any company matching programs that may be in place. 


We thank you for your generosity and support. 

Multi-Sport Turf Field Dedicated in Loving Memory to Anne-Marie Yankowsky

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